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No.9: Products List >> Metal Wire Series >> Iron Nails

Iron Nails

Common Wire Nail

Our factory can produce common wire nails of all sizes. With good quality, our wire nails are exported to the world. Sizes and packing are made according to your requirement.
Material Uses: Quality carbon steel.
Properties: toughness curvature ≥ 90 °, the surface after polishing or galvanized, has good corrosion resistance, rust resistance.

Roofing Nail

We offer roofing nails at common sizes: 1.5 "-3"
Material: Carbon Steel
Nominal diameter :2.8-4 .2 mm
Length: 40-80mm
Specifications: BWG9 * 2 "BWG9 * 2 ,1 / 2" BWG10 * 2 "BWG10 * 2 ,1 / 2" BWG11 * 1 ,1 / 5 "BWG11 * 2"
Sizes and packing are made according to your requirement


Cement Steel Nail

Product Name: Cement steel nail
Product Specifications: 1 "-4"
Material: Mild carbon steel 40 # -45 #
Properties: Hardness: more than HRC50; shear strength t ≥ 980 Mpa; toughness curvature properties ≥ 75
Advantages: Super-hardness, superior quality and reasonable price.
Product packaging: Sizes and packing according to your requirement
Uses: For construction